An art installation and augmented reality experience

Supermarket Babies is an art installation and AR experience of a speculative future where, as a normal routine, people design babies with CRISPR technology in a supermarket. 

Visual representation of SUPERMARKET BABIES installation 

Creative Direction and Art: Adriana AG

3D Mockup: Erol Oz

This project approaches the pursuit of perfection by the human race through designer babies. The idea of having a baby that will be immune to any disease, have amazing bone structure, and a magazine-like body and face; even have an extra leg, wings or superpowers, creates an interesting picture for society.


People around the world are starting to use this technology to choose their baby’s sex or eye color, and genetic researchers and scientists are trying to use it to preemptively prevent diseases. But all these possibilities are bringing up ethical questions: what does this mean for people in the future? What are the consequences? How will socio- economics play a role in all of this? What is right or not? 

The creation of designer humans will change life as we know it,

but for better or worse is yet to be seen.



To raise ethical questions about “designer babies" through an immersive experience that invites people to think on their personal and societal decisions sparking dialog into what it will mean to be human in the future.

Questions addressed

Human Race
Who will carry the responsibility of playing to be God?
Will human race change to having wings, extra legs, extra arms, extra brains, even superpowers?  What does being human mean? Who will carry the responsibility of playing to be God? What are the consequences for human life having be genetically made? Who has the right of being naturally or genetically modified? What is right or not? What will it mean to be normal? Will society reject babies that are not exactly what they ordered?

Buying, Owning and ParenthooD

How will this process of creating human life be reflected on the quality of life that a baby’s life will be like? How will this change parenthood? Who will be the parents? Will there be ownership of creating humans? Subscriptions of parenthood for shared babies? What are the laws for people to create human life? Who will take responsibility for the baby? How will having the responsibility of creating your own kid will carry through the kids life?

Brands, Careers and being Unique
Are we crafting careers? industry? how will the making of babies with special features impact the future of industries? will people create babies for their companies? with specific skills?
Will there be trends on how a human looks like? Who will set the trends? What does this mean for the uniqueness that exists on each individual? Will there be mass made humans for brands and governments?
Will brands have a say in someone’s life depending on their abilities they were created for?

Tech and Humanity
What role does tech have in creating human beings and their body parts? Could bioprinting allow us to create body parts which are better than the parts we have now? 
How will technology be implemented in the nature of our bodies? 
Will we have a way of upgrading knowledge or have skills be downloaded to our babies?

Will having a baby become an industry?
How will socio economics play a role in all of this? What happens if you cannot afford to remove cancer from your unborn child’s DNA? 

Health related  
Healthy perfect babies
What will happen with the medical industry?
What will happen when something goes wrong or there  is complications to the designed baby?

Supermarket and Overwhelming Options
How will the overwhelming options of creating a baby set the limits for what constitutes a human? What are the limits of choosing every detail of the baby?

What does being perfect mean? Who chooses the trends of what is perfect? What does being natural mean? What is human beauty?

Package design for a baby made at Supermarket Babies installation

Packaging Design Box on Illustrator, Photoshop & Indesign.

7 X 30 X 20 cm.

Packages would be sent two weeks after the creation at the installation. 


walk through



to the future 2050

The exhibition takes place in 2050, people will enter the space and teletransport to a see what it looks like a colorful supermarket.


As soon as they go in they will be given their amount of money that they will have in the future along with a list where they will be choosing their babies characteristics.


There will be a timeline from 2006 (first genetically modified baby created) to 2050 (the present of the exhibition). Next to the timeline will be a monitor with an advertisement of the government announcing their support to CRISPR technology. (governments don’t need the health  industry as much as before because people have less tendency to be unhealthy).


People will walk through the supermarket choosing their desired characteristics for their baby which through augmented reality they will be able to scan the products and see what the baby will look like with the Artivive App for Augmented Reality.  Finally when they are ready they’ll go to check out with their lists of characteristics and they will get a receipt with more information about this theme to take home.


Teletransport to the present 2020
They will pass by a door that will indicate the teletransportation back to the present and be invited to think about the experience and learn more about this thematic. Following through the  aisle, they will see research about what is happening in reality around this thematic and some other published works and research. There will be a website and social media accounts that with the hashtag #supermarketbabies they’ll be invited to share pictures, thoughts, about their experiences and how this thematic has so much importance in the future and how we will shape it.


Space Dimensions and Sections

The supermarket will have sections for physical preferences (body, face, hair, already created packages, special modifications), mental preferences (skills, health, intelligence, interests), technology preferences (software & updates) and finally a brand section.

material inspiration

per section

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Adriana AG: Artist, Creative Direction, Ideation, Designer & Curator.
Lincoln Samuelson: UX Design, Conceptual Ideation.
Erol Ozcelik: 3D Renders of space.

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