QUMANTASIÑANI is an experiential art Installation that activates all five senses and brings to mind nostalgic experiences of the past while also searching for one’s true self.

The exhibition was shown on December 27th, 2019 - January 9th, 2020 at MIKO Art Gallery (Pasaje Kuljis, Genaro Sanjines 541. La Paz, Bolivia).


Hanging fabric on wood pannel, sound, chocolate smell, and chocolate trouffles.

3 x 6 X 5 mts.

“There was a

sensation of being lost,

but in peace.” 

Immersed in translucent fabric, smell and taste of chocolate in with fluid ambient sound, spectators found themselves in an environment where they would find others and spontaneously hug each other between the fabric, all the while reflecting on their feelings and the perception that they were in a different reality, “on the clouds”.

I was a different way of seeing contemporary art, I was part of the piece and could experience it.” 

Leo Calisaya

MIKO Art Gallery Director

Bolivian Artist & Architect

“You find yourself in an space where you don’t know what’s going to happen, but eventually you find yourself in the center of the room and, it depends, you could find another person that is also discovering the space or you simply find yourself alone and you realize a lot of things, like a place you could meditate in.”


Andres Kuljiš 

MIKO Art Gallery Founder and Global Director

Bolivian Artist & Architect

“Compromise, home, and love, that is what I felt.”


Salvador Saavedra

MIKO Art Gallery Photography Director

Bolivian Photographer & Architect

“There was a certain uncertainty on what you would find inside. When finding someone and saying "Qumantasiñani", it felt right to give a  hug in that space, even if the others were strangers.”

“The mix of the flavor of the chocolate in your mouth and the white environment was fresh.” 

“Going through the hanging fabric, I felt peace and confort.”

A huge thank you to 

Lincoln Samuelson for the support and for collaborating in all the process of creation of the exhibition. 

Salvador Saavedra for the architecture mind in helping this exhibition have a solid estructure.

MIKO Art Gallery, Andres Kuljiš & Leo Calisaya for the support and the space for creating.

MIKO Dance, Veronica Aramayo & Leonardo Montenegro for the contemporary dance creation

and performance on the installation.

TIZI Jimenez for the photography and support. 

Hans, Susana, Hansito, Natalia for all the support.

Copyright © All rights reserved.

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