Dragoman App

Client Berlitz Office in Miami


Problem Millions of people travel to the US, but they don’t understand the language. On the other side, multilingual people have a hard time finding people with who to practice their language skills.


Insight  Tourists want to enjoy their time and normally don't hire a translator because they are afraid they would get the typical normal experience.

Solution We created an app that would serve as a link to hire and to be a translator. That way tourists can find the right translator for them and multilingual people can practice their skills with native speakers.


Team Art Direction: Adriana Aneiva Creative direction and Copy:

Federico Alonzo. 

Key Features

Become a Dragoman

Hire a Dragoman

Get paid and make friends, by being multilingual and being interested in spending time as a translator for foreign people during their stay in your country.

Make friends and get the insider's point of view of your trip by hiring a translator you would want to hang out with.

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