infinitus furniture

An art installation and augmented reality experience

**This concept assumes that by 2050 the world will have eye implants that can enhance the world without the need of a physical device.

Infinitus Furniture is a speculative concept for the future of furniture, where the material of the physical object morphs to convey different shapes, textures and sensations, breaking the material world’s constraints and creating a personalized world. 


In a world where the physical and the digital world are undistinguishable, reality is redefined and the senses are developed. 


How does this concept play into economics? Will there be things you will be able to see only if you have purchased upgraded eyesight? 

Interior spaces in a

fully augmented world


Redefining the interior design industry with digital possibilities through mixed reality could transform the way people approach spaces redefining reality and the senses.

Eyes of the past


Human eyes in 2020 depend on devices that enable them to enter the digital world.

normal eyes of 2050 


Eyes in 2050 will have the capability seing the digital world without any devices through implants.

the best eyes of 2050


The digital world will be able to be visualized and enjoyed in different levels depending on the company that creates your implant/lenses.

the couch of 2050


In the couch to the left, the levels of visualization are illustrated. The first one is the physical object as is seen with Eyes of the past. The second level is one of a variety of different textures viewed by the personalized augmentation available on normal eyes of 2050. Finally, the third layer is an augmentation that has no limits, with the best eyes of 2050 the person could make their couch become different things like ice, and the help of an AI assistant, the couch will change as your mood changes, morphing into different shapes to suit your body’s needs. 

With ecological, functional and transformative materials, you will be able to create any type of interior that you want in your house; not owning very much will be very economically accessible, and will also have a sense of magic to it.

Design companies will be monopolizing the way you experience your house, the mall, sporting events and all everyday spaces. As we go towards the future, it is our duty to imagine how we want those augmentations to be: either saturated with brands and millions of advertisements, or would we rather have the ability to very efficiently choose what we want to see and what we don’t. Where we want to be transported, how we want our spaces to look, how many other people we would like to be in the space with us; the possibilities are endless. By giving people the choice of what they want instead of baraging them with advertisements, we have the ability to enhance our lives rather than disrupting them.

This project opens the possibilities of different companies and projects for the future that we are going to build, like digital pets, digital decoration, and an infinite world where reality will be what each person imagines.

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