I've been 11 years on this planet and if there is one thing that I know is that my mom, Susana, is not from this planet.



At first, I thought that this was what all moms did. but there is a strange behavior with her,

she does things that are not humanly possible.


That is why I decided to make this website along with my two sisters to show our findings.


April 23, 2018

Hello, Hans reporting here. For the past years I've been thinking that I am crazy because I can never find things that my mom just finds without even looking for them. Most recent example, my socks, I never understood how she could do it or how. So, I decided to create...

March 18, 2018

Hi again, just more findings on why  my mom is not from this planet. This phrase is very common for normal moms. I think she picked it up from hanging out with other moms. She would never say this to me before, and she would always give me her sweater, even when  forgo...

March 7, 2018

Hi amigos from the internet, I've been doing a closer look at my mom's eating habits. I wake up in the morning and she "says" she has already eaten breakfast. For lunch she always leaves half of her plate and if I or my two sisters ever ask for something she gives it t...

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To prove the hypothesis that my mom is not from this planet I made a scenario and shoot for my records. In this video, you will experience the materialization of a sock.