Philophobia is a collaborative exhibition I curated and organized in reflection of the vulnerability of loving someone, not only in a relationship but in all kinds of love.


This exhibition was a response to the deepest feeling: love. Through unconventional artistic media and methods of manifestation, I investigated the psychology of broken hearts and self-reflection of the mind and body.

“In an intimate setting; a small room crammed with people. In juxtaposition with the theme of the exhibit, people were forced to touch others in order to see the work. In the back corner, past the photography and canvases, a stylized tree emerged from the walls, growing handwritten letters written by the artists to people that they had once loved.”


District Independent News Savannah, GA

Below are some of the works I showed at the exhibition.

Please download the                         to see all works

exhibited, including all of the other artists’ works.


Graphite, acrylic and mixed media on paper.

109 x 81 cm.

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